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Luxury scents inspired by your favourite designer perfumes

Our perfumes are made from premium ingredients with scents inspired by the designer fragrances you love.

Our perfumes are made from premium ingredients with scents inspired by the designer fragrances you love.

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+100k reviews

The fragrances i chose are so nice I absolutely love them. Would 100% recommend! I have had loads of compliments

Elaine W.

Verified Reviewer

+100k reviews

Loving my collection. All smell amazing and they last for ages. Highly recommended at such an amazing price. More orders will be placed very soon

Raymond S.

Verified Reviewer

+100k reviews

I was absolutely delighted with my perfume. They smell gorgeous and last all day. I did a blind smell test to see if I recognised the fragrance and top marks every test. Have recommended to my friends who have also placed an order. At these prices it's so affordable

Audrey P.

Verified Reviewer

The Essence Vault is..

Designer quality, without the markup.

In the world of fragrances, the price tag often reflects the brand name rather than the quality of the perfume itself. The Essence Vault changes this by offering designer-inspired fragrances without the hefty markup, bringing luxury within reach for everyone.

Designer-inspired scents

Experience the luxury of designer fragrances at a fraction of the cost.

Affordable pricing

High-quality fragrances that don't break the bank.

No compromise on experience

Despite the affordable price tag, the fragrances offer a rich and immersive experience, akin to high-end brands.

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Our bundle let’s you..

Discover your signature scent

Finding the perfect fragrance that resonates with your personality can be a challenging endeavour.

The Essence Vault simplifies this process with our exclusive 3-bottle bundle set, allowing you to explore and enjoy three different premium scents at your leisure. The 3-bottle bundle set is your gateway to discovering a rich and diverse palette of scents at an unbeatable price.

Exceptional Value

Experience the luxury of three premium fragrances for a price that is less than the original cost of two.

Diverse Fragrance Palette

The bundle offers a rich diversity, allowing you to switch between different scents according to your mood or occasion.

Limited-Time Offer

For a limited time, you can take advantage of this special pricing to treat yourself or gift a loved one

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+100k reviews

The Designer Inspired Perfume Set



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